Your Guide To The Ultimate Top 10 Hard-To-Kill Plants

No Green Fingers? No Problem! 

Here is the ultimate guide on the top 10 plants that even people with black fingers can keep alive! Being a plant parent is not the easiest job, not even for seasoned plant parents. Every plant comes with their new challenges with each stage of their growth! Do not be intimidated though, for here are the top 10 plants that we at Chye Heng Orchid Garden will recommend for you to get for you (if you are looking for hard-to-kill and easy-to-care plants). 

Let us introduce the first beauty, our lovely Spider Plant

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The Spider Plant is not only an easy-to-care-for plant but also a fast growing plant that will reward you with their quick growth and bushy foliage. They love the indirect light, which means that you will not need to move them through your space to ensure optimal light conditions. Just find a suitable and appealing location and bam! You have yourself your happy, healthy plant. They are also able to ensure low watering conditions, with only once a week watering with our self watering pot! There will be an indicator to inform you when exactly you should be showering your spider plant. Pretty easy for a beginner huh? We think so too! 

Next up on the list is our Weeping Fig

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Before we talk about how easy this plant is to care for, can we just take a moment to appreciate and admire how adorable the name is? Weeping Fig? Ficus Benji Twilight? Please! Too cute! Anyway, we digress. This beauty adapts easily to several conditions and all it asks for is to bask in the morning sun to soak up all that sunlight goodness, before it retreats into the indoors for the rest of the day. Some might find it tedious to bring them out in the morning for a sun soak, but we think it is worth it, considering how sturdy and bushy it can get with a little help from us! A simple shower of twice a week will do for this big guy and it is ready to impress you! 

Third, we have the classic Peace Lily!

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As its name suggests, it brings you the peace and ease of looking after a plant. This classic beauty is all three things: fuss-free, beautiful and air-purifying. Yes, you saw that right! The peace lily is one of the best flowering plants to seek out if you are looking for a plant to purify your air naturally and at the same time beautify your space. To produce bigger and brighter blooms, keep them warm and out of the direct sun as they thrive best in these conditions. 

Psst! We'll let you in on a secret! We occasionally bring in these peace lilies directly from the Netherlands, so if you would like to own a Holland grown Peace Lily, do keep a look out for them on our online store or our Instagram!

Let's welcome the fourth member of this list, the modern looking Rubber Plant!

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One of favourite modern-looking plant, so sleek & stylish. The Rubber Plant is known to be able to grow pretty quick. So you'll be able to make the most out of one potted plant! They are not demanding for light, just an indirect light source coupled with a damp soil will keep your rubber plant satisfied. They do not demand much attention, just some tender loving care and for you to observe how fast they grow. Repot as they grow bigger and they'll easily be kept happy! We have available a green or red rubber plant, as well as those planted in a pretty terracotta pot! 

Next hard-to-kill baby to appreciate is our Zamio, also commonly known as ZZ Plant.

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Popular all season round, we welcome our Zamio Plant (ZZ Plant). One of the best sturdy and steady plants we have to recommend you! They are strong and can thrive under neglect (please note that we are not promoting neglect of your plant babies, but they are highly forgiving). The ZZ Plant is not fussy, they are able to survive under low light or indirect light. They just require you to dust their leaves off from time to time, and they will stay healthy in your corner for a long time to come. These ZZ Plants are also popular during the Chinese New Year season, so there is a super high chance that you will still see your plant surving for the New Year and ready to greet your guests! 

Sixth member on the list goes to... the Jade Plant!

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In the Chinese culture, the Jade Plant symbolises money, good fortune and good luck. These succulents are easy to recognise by their thick woody stems and their pretty oval leaves. This is another plant that is forgiving when it comes to neglect (again, do not neglect them!). You can tell when they are in need for a shower when they start to shrivel and shrink. They do not require constant repotting, they are fine the way they are and will not grow out of control. Overall, we'll say this is one of the top plants we will recommend on this list! 

The fourth last plant we want to tell you about is the Chinese Evergreen.

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Having a splash of colour in your collection doesn't sound so bad doesn't it? Easy to water, easy to care for. These plants are also relatively forgiving when it comes to neglect, but don't forget to show it some love and care. They are available in different types and colours such as the Aglaonema Red Dragon, or we even have one that is already nicely potted into a gold washed pot that you can also give as a gift! 

Eight on the list is our strong and sexy Draceana Marginata.

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This plant is definitely on the bigger side, as their names suggests - The Dragon Tree. Love the plant but not the size? Not to fear, we do have a mini version of this plant available too. The mini version can look so good on your table top, while the big version of this will look so modern and so sleek at the corner of your space. Depending on what you like, the Dragon Tree will fit in! They have very little need for fertiliser, you don't even need them! They are adaptable to low light levels, but might lose abit of their striking green. 

Ninth on the list, we have the very popular Snake Plant

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"Snake Plants Thrive on Neglect" - We might actually have to agree on this point. For the last time, we are not going to promote neglecting your plant and you have to always make sure that you pay attention to all plants, regardless of how easy they are to care for! However, we do acknowledge that this plant is definitely extremely forgiving and will somehow always try to find their way back to you. They are able to take low light levels, and are quite drought tolerant. But please do still water them as per usual please! They are also known to have air purifying qualities and can naturally purify your indoor space! What more can we ask for in a plant? We also have them in a flower shape or a pretty white ceramic pot. They are easily available for gifts which we are certain every plant parent will appreciate! 

Last but not least, we welcome the Bamboo Palm

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This bushy baby is a staple in every nursery in Singapore. Used to be extremely popular back in the day, but with the growing trend of aeroids these days, let's not forget this classic beauty! They will thrive in indirect light and with our self-watering pot, watering them will be a breeze. This baby is usually really huge and tall, and they might not be suitable for all spaces. However, no fear as we have a mini version as well, depending on your preference and spatial allowance. 

So hear hear our fellow plant pals, with this we have come to the end of our list. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and that there are many other plants that are easy to care for and we will continue to share more of them on our social media!

Also, the watering schedule that we have provided is just a rough guide on the amount of water they need. They amount of water you should be giving them depends on the weather, humidity levels, pot type, soil type (just to name a few!). Observe your plant and their soil, ensure that the soil is allowed to dry inbetween watering to prevent root rot and overwatering your plant. Happy planting, pals! You got this! 

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