Ficus Ginseng Bonsai


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Ficus Ginseng Bonsai
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The Ficus genus belongs to the family of mulberry plants or Moraceae, and it’s the most popular indoor tree species for Bonsai beginners. Bonsai meanings are very important when gifting your tree to someone. In general, our bonsai symbolises harmony, peace, an order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. All that a father is. There are beauty and respect in old age, as much as there are many regards for beauty and the symbolism of age in bonsai.

Sunlight: Outdoor sunlight 
Water: Once a day, do not water if top soil is still damp to the touch.

Height: 33cm
Spread: 27cm



Note: The actual plant may differ as each pot has its own unique natural look and though look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here. Flowers are seasonal and plants may not be with flowers at the time of order/delivery.

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